The new-generation iced coffee

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The new-generation iced coffee

Laure Jubert | 2019-08-02

It’s high time we unveiled the mystery of iced coffee! Gently refreshing throughout the hot summer months, and no gimmicks – cold-brewed coffee is an enjoyable drink that deserves its own place in the sun. And there’s one for everyone, as you’ll soon find out. 

Here we have compiled an easy and practical guide for trying out the three main methods: the cold brew method, the cold drip method and the iced coffee method.

Cold brew coffees

Less acidity and bitterness, more sugar and caffeine – cold brew coffees are both well-balanced and intricate.

The main difference with hot coffee is that extraction is carried out using warm water or ice cubes. You’ll have to experiment, depending on what you prefer and the level of roasting!

Want to know a secret? Cold brew coffee will keep in the fridge for several days (up to 1 week)!


The easiest method. Simply pour warm water over ground coffee and wait. 

Advantage: round and sweet 
Recommended coffee: natural Ethiopian for its sugar and fruit 
Brewing time: between 8 and 12 hours in full immersion (then filter in the morning if you want an extra clean finish)

Our recipe: 

  • Ratio of 1:12 if you want to serve your coffee with ice cubes (i.e. 1 L of water for 80 g of coffee)
  • Ratio of 1:14 to drink as it comes (i.e. 1 L of water for 70 g of coffee)
Place the coffee in the filter, pre-infuse with hot water (to moisten evenly), then pour in all the water and close the bottle. You can leave it to brew at room temperature or in the fridge depending on your desired profile (the extraction temperature will affect the result in the cup). 


  • The elegant Hario Mizudashi bottle 

You just have to remove the filter and store the bottle in the fridge.

  • Asobu Cold brew

Asobu Cold Brew with thermos, the travel-friendly option you can take everywhere! Press the button in the middle, put the thermos in the fridge.

  • ESPRO travelpress

ESPRO Travel Press from Vancouver: ultra-portable, simply leave your coffee to brew with warm water overnight, then press in the morning to stop brewing – and enjoy all day long! 
  • Brewista cold pro

Brewista Cold Pro: large volumes (10 or 25 L) for professionals


This visual, show-stopping cold-brewed method requires a little more attention in order to adjust the drip. 

Tip: We recommend placing an Aeropress filter over the ground coffee to distribute the drip evenly. 

Advantage: aromatic and syrupy 

Recommended coffees: natural coffees from Central America (Nicaragua, Honduras, El Salvador) with notes of exotic fruit

Brewing time: 1 to 8 hours – you can adjust the drip rate (about 1 drip/second) 

Our recipes:

  • Warm or cool water or ice cubes, it’s up to you – as long as it’s filtered!
  • Remember: If you want to serve your coffee with ice cubes, remember to adapt your recipe with a smaller ratio (use more coffee for the same volume of water) to avoid a “tasteless diluted” coffee effect.


  • THE FASTEST: Shizuku (1h30 / 2h)

Recommended recipe (ratio 1/15):

  • 40 g coffee ; fine grind
  • 600 g water (up to the white line)

Place the ground coffee in the metal filter and pre-infuse (to moisten evenly). Fix the tip with the notch, attach it all to the glass carafe, then fill with water up to the white line.

  • CALIFORNIAN STYLE: Bruer (4 - 6 hours)

Place the ground coffee in the filter and pre-infuse (to moisten evenly). Attach the rod and turn (+ or -) to adjust the drip speed to 1/sec.  Close the upper part and enjoy the show!


  • THE ALL-IN-ONE: Trinity


A beautiful acidity, sweet, quick... and the fastest method if you happen to have ice cubes to hand! All filter methods are possible, including V60, Chemex and Aeropress.


Advantages : tangy, lively, and the quickest!

Recommended coffee : an African coffee for its acidity and citrus and fruity notes 

Brewing time : 3 minutes, the time needed for extraction! You can adapt your recipe using half hot water for extraction – the ice cubes will do the rest! 

Our recipe :

For 200 ml of iced coffee

  • 17 g coffee
  • 150 ml hot water
  • 100 g ice cubes
Place the ground coffee in the filter and pre-infuse (to moisten evenly). Attach the rod and turn (+ or -) to adjust the drip speed to 1/sec.  Close the upper part and enjoy the show! 

The product:

A PRACTICAL KIT:  Hario for iced coffee


COLD BREW 8-12 hours The simplest Mellow, round, depth, sweet  Coffee + warm water
COLD DRIP 2-8 hours The most difficult Syrupy, sweet, aromatic,  clean Coffee + warm water and/or ice cubes
ICED COFFEE 3 min Average Acidity, intricacy Coffee + warm water + ice cubes


Feel free to test, grade and share your results with us. Go on and experiment! 

  • Use a Hario or Asobu thermos to carry your iced coffee everywhere
  • Cocktail ideas: add a slice of orange or lemon, a few leaves of mint, or simply some lovely fresh milk
  • Try an iced tea version with a Hario bottle to enjoy something different

Laure, for the Belco team
    • 60 g coffee (up to the line); medium grind
    • 700gr water (up to the line)
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