Mauricio or the accomplished microbrewer

Interview with our producers

Mauricio or the accomplished microbrewer

| 2019-08-14

Maurico, we like to compare him to a particularly precise and fine microbrewer. His coffees, although produced by a man, are for me a symbol of femininity, with an intense fruitiness. Its terroir is incredible but the Mauricio touch is undeniable. During a field visit with Marjorie, an agricultural engineer from Belco, we ask him a few questions about his coffees, his farm and his relationship with Belco.

 Hello Mauricio! Can you introduce yourself in a few words?

Good morning everyone, I am Mauricio Salaverria. We are here at El Divisadero in Concepciónn de Ataco, El Salvador. It's a pleasure to have you here where we are processing the harvest with honey, natural and washed coffees. We are in the middle of the harvest right now, processing these coffees for BELCO, with whom we have an almost five-years-old relationship in which the direct trade has taken a great role in supporting the coffee growers of this area.

Can you tell us more about Belco's work with El Divisadero?

Periodically, Marjorie Belco's agricultural engineer visits us, helps us in the processes; more than everything to maintain the consistency of quality year after year. Because that's what's most important for them; it's the consistency of the quality. There will always be differences from year to year, either because of the climate... but small variations. Consistency is the key to success.

What are your future goals with BELCO?

The future goals are to follow the consistency and to continue growing in terms of volume and quality, keeping this win-win relationship between BELCO and us the producers. I am very happy with the quality of this year, we look at everything positive, and there we are, moving forward. 

What would you like to say about your coffee, about El Divisadero’s coffees?
Number one, it’s a very clean coffee. The sweetness is predominant and plays a balancing role that makes it consistent year after year. That would be like the main thing. From there sometimes with a Pacamara, one already has other more interesting flavors like tangerine and things like that, which is a thing on which we also work very closely on the microlots and the nanolots.

Workers break after a morning harvest in Divisadero coffee farm (photo credit: Oscar Leiva)

Last question Mauricio, can you say something about societal responsibility towards the workers? and how BELCO pay attention to these details?

It is a very important aspect of our work because, basically, we employ 100 people: 20 permanent, 80 temporary.The main point is that we have salaries above what is required by law. Second point is that we offer a permanent work for several families. 

Worker in full harvest in Divisadero coffee farm (photo credit: Oscar Leiva)

Interview conducted by Oscar Leiva en Divisadero Coffee farm for Belco

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