Interview with Ernest of Dukunde Kawa in Rwanda

Interview with our producers

Interview with Ernest of Dukunde Kawa in Rwanda

Leslie Laborde | 2022-08-09

Ernest was at Belco two weeks ago, an opportunity for us to ask him a few questions about the current harvest in Rwanda, its production, its production costs and the projects that the cooperative carries out behind coffee production...


Do you drink GREENGO ?

Our Greengo coffee comes from the Gakenke area in northern Rwanda. It is produced by the Musasa Dukunde Kawa cooperative. We present this cooperative in a few key points:

> 4 washing stations, one organic certified (Mbilima, where Greengo comes from)
> 1100 farmer members
> an association made up of 90% women
> a group of women who make handicrafts to diversify their income outside the harvest period
> a Musasa School to train members' children in the coffee industry
> a Musasa Diary Milk project that gives a cow to each farmer. The benefits? natural fertilizer to spread on the plantations and the sale of milk on the local market

Discover the video interview of Ernest, the manager of Dukunde Kawa

He was at Belco 15 days ago, so we asked him a few questions:

>How does he manage the harvest in 4 different washing stations?
> How many people work at Dukunde Kawa?
> What is his production this year vs. n-1?
> Have its production costs increased?
> What projects does the cooperative undertake?

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