Cataratas Palma Central Coffee Project Peru

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Cataratas Palma Central Coffee Project Peru

Maria-Silvia ROJAS | 2022-08-22

Project to install dryers in a region with very high humidity levels. 
This will allow better control of the post-harvest process 
-And thus improve the quality of the batches for better income for the producers. 


Here the rains are abundant and above all it rains all year round. The drying of the coffee harvest is therefore a major problem for the producers, which strongly affects the quality of their batches. Either they dry it in system D (under tents...), or they bring it to the city of Jaén, but this requires additional transport costs. 
The coffee stays in storage for a long time and this can develop mold & phenol. 
Producers are highly dependent on the vagaries of the weather, without being able to project the quality of their process from one year to the next. 


  • Village: La Palma Central
  • District: Jaén
  • Province: Jaén
  • Department: Cajamarca
  • Country: Peru
  • Altitude: + 2000 MASL


By setting up an adapted and efficient drying module, the aim is to allow better control of the post-harvest process, to limit humidity levels and to obtain better quality batches. In the end, this obviously enables producers to sell their coffee better and to expect more stable income from one year to the next. 



  1. To reduce the losses of coffee producers.
  2. To standardize a homogenous drying process .
  3. To obtain a consistent cup profile which translates in better grower's income.



The project started on May 2022 and finalized at the end of July 2022, when César Renfigo, the Quality Control Director at Belco Colombia & Peru visited the facilities and trained about 20 people among coffee growers and Coopagro technicians in compliance with the project guidelines of the drying systems in place.



  • 18 coffee producers members of Coopagro from La Palma Central in Jaén.
  • Team of Coopagro: General Manager, Project Manager and Logistics Manager.
  • Belco Team: Sourcing Manager, Quality Director and R&D Director, Colombia & Peru, César Rengifo



The strategy illustrated the traceability that the coffees should have before being dried, in terms of collection point, processing and fermentation of coffee, ending with a theoretical and practical explanation of how to handle the solar drying system for washed coffees, through practices that seek to preserve the physical and sensory quality of the bean,  reducing the different problems in the cup, achieving a consistent and above all clean cup.


New drying facilities




With the training provided, we hope that the cooperative together with its technicians will continue to evaluate its associates in their drying processes, optimizing to the maximum the good practices, and in this way, we’ll surely have the coffee expected, as well as better grower's incomes.


  • Belco: USD $12,549.00
  • Producers: USD $ 4,260.00
  • Coopagro: USD $ 100.00

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