Where does Wush wush come from?

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Where does Wush wush come from?

Belco Team | 2022-09-13

The origins of the wush wush variety

Many varieties are named after the place where they were discovered. Wush Wush is no exception. Wushwush is a small region in southwestern Ethiopia, not far from the renowned growing regions of Jimma and Sidamo. The Wushwush region is known for its fertile highlands.
Wush wush is therefore a Heirloom variety from Ethiopia, not descended from the Bourbon or Typica lines like its cousin, the Geisha variety.
It has large leaves and is robust with a strong root system.

A boom in Colombia

Wush Wush arrived in Colombia about 30 years ago and since then its production has continued to spread, like Geisha in Panama.

A cup profile to remember

It would not be objective to speak of a single cup profile for a variety. But the Wush Wush cup can still be described as round, exotic and floral, often compared to the Geisha.
With its distinctive cup profile, Wush Wush beans also have an unconventional appearance, being smaller and therefore denser. 
These physical characteristics make roasting more complex, as it has to take into account both its high density (heat resistance and then high conductivity) and its small size (short distance to the core). Knowing this, the variety can be enhanced through roasting to reveal its sweetness, delicacy and complexity.

A variety for the future

In addition to offering a complex and differentiating cup, the original wush wush crop is solid. This variety is perfectly acclimatised to many terroirs and climates. Wush wush is resistant to drought, rain and hot and cold temperatures at high altitudes. Wush wush is a real chameleon.
It is less susceptible to disease, especially rust, and can yield about 1kg of coffee per year per tree. Resistant varieties are increasingly sought after by producers who are anticipating new agricultural practices in view of climate change. Wush wush is also a perfect variety for all types of process experiments: anaerobic, lactic, acetic, thermal fermentation...
In short, wush wush ticks all the boxes.
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