October 28, 2022: Harvest begins in Ethiopia

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October 28, 2022: Harvest begins in Ethiopia

jacques chambrillon | 2022-12-01

Update on the beginning of the 2022 crop live from the field by Jacques, Belco East Africa Manager

Addis Ababa, October 28, 2022


Harvesting began in Ethiopia about a month ago, 3 weeks earlier than last year. This is the first picking, in principle to prepare the lower grades (3 to 5) and the local market. There will be 3 pickings, the most qualitative being the second. It is still too early to anticipate the shipments, as there are still so many stages before the milling in Addis Ababa.

Harvest starts region by region

  • Late September: Kaffa
  • Early October: Jimma, Sidama B, Nekemte Gamoji
  • Not yet started: Sidama A and B, Nekemte above 1800 masl


The price per kg of cherries started quite high

  • Kaffa ≃ 50 birr ≃ 0,94€
  • Jimma ≃ 42 birr ≃ 0,79€
  • Sidama B ≃ 56 birr ≃ 1,06€

The price of cherries varies daily across the woreda. These figures are not definitive but they give a trend. At this stage the break-even point is 2.67 usd/lb. This means that below this level exporters or akrabi (collectors) lose money. This minimum threshold is essential to maintain a level of quality.
Yields are expected to be good in the south of the country (Guji, Sidama, Yirga). Logically, with the market moving towards 2 usd/lb and an abundant harvest, prices should ease despite a still high price per kilo of cherries.


Did you know?
The Woreda is the equivalent of the district and the Kebele of the village.


The Ethiopian government has issued new regulations for imports

At this time of year, the coffees in stock in Addis Ababa are of lower quality. Stocks are quite high but a new regulation from the Tea & Coffee Authority obliges exporters to sell their coffees. Prices should therefore ease, but there is a large gap between the costs to exporters and the prices offered by buyers.


Shambe shared with us these beautiful pics of the ongoing harvest and honey and natural processes at Mustafa Mohamed Ali's Botto farm, Jimma Gomma area.



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