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All the latest news from our coffee-producing countries and on the challenges they face. We share our point of view and our approach to sourcing.
The Coffee Primeurs
angel barrera | 2015-05-02
What if "Primeurs" was not just about wine but coffee also ? We decided to try a new experience by planning a tasting session of coffee...
On the trail of the birth of coffee: the preservation of an exceptional coffee Terroir
| 2015-02-25

The Western Wällägga is located a few kilometers from South Sudan’s borders. It offers plots of preserved forests, where endemic coffee varieties grow in a breathtaking biodiversity...

Ethiopia: where it all began…
| 2015-02-11
"The heart of those coffee forests, where the Ethiopian coffee was born, defines so perfectly well the word "terroir"..."
And the Bob-o-link keeps flying!
| 2013-09-10
We started the Bob-O-Link adventure a year ago and we are really proud of this collaboration...
Cáscara: who are you ?
| 2014-07-16
What does the Spanish word "cáscara" means ? Where does its meaning come from ? We explain it all in this article !
Coffee is cheap… it is very cheap!
angel barrera | 2012-11-21
It is true that now, people is taking conscious of why qualitative coffee is expensive, and how much work it takes to produce it… but do we, the people working and involved in qualitative coffee, do as much as it is possible for us to make consumers conscious about it? 
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