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Our projects at the origin

Discover the impact of all our projects in producing countries.
Project: Cargo by sail
alexandre bellangé | 2022-03-10

Coffee by sail: Truly carbon-free transport!
Allow us to explain...

Project: TOROGOZ - Région de Morazán, El Salvador
Rodrigo Guevara | 2022-02-03
Un projet pour valoriser l'appellation « Café Cacahuatique », une alternative unique pour les personnes qui recherchent des cafés de grande qualité à l’histoire singulière.
César MAGAÑA | 2022-01-26

The Kenyan origin figures among the most famous in the world of specialty coffee, because of its high altitudes, specific varieties, unique preparation processes, and many other factors that make their coffees so special

Project: Women coffee
Leslie Laborde | 2022-01-26

Women play a vital role in specialty coffee sector, but what does it mean to be a coffee producer?

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